The command line interface

Now that you have installed Antimony, it is time to write our first program. This is a program that will simply print a string to the screen.

Creating a project directory

Let's begin by setting up our development workspace. Antimony really doesn't care where you store the code, so feel free to choose a different directory, than the one in this example.

mkdir ~/sources
cd ~/sources
mkdir hello_world
cd hello_world

Writing and running a program

Next, make a new source file and call it Antimony files should always end with .sb by convention.

Now open the file you just created and enter the following code:

fn main() {
    println("Hello, world!")

Save the file and go back to your terminal window. Now, run the following command to compile and run your program:

$ sb run

You should see the string Hello World! on the screen. Congrats! You have officially written a Antimony Program!